Hai friends hope every one got a sense about the google adsense!After reading my last post most the readers want to join the program and started  asking how to open a webpage or a blog for free.It seems they are unaware of how to create a blog.So, in this post i am going to explain how to create a blog.

What is a BLOG:

A BLOG IS A BLEND OF THE TERMS WEB LOG!It is a type of WEBSITE  which is usually maintained by an individual who can express his views,comments about his field of interest or about the current events it depends on one’s interest.But,topic you took for blog must be your own idea in order to get the adsense approval and to gather traffic!

The author can post anything in his blog which may contain pictures,video’s,etc .But,everything must be your own work donot copy it from others stuff..If you add any external link make sure that it works fine.Let’s start the steps in creating the new blog:

  • First step is to logon to blogger.Inorder,to do so clickhere
  • We can use our,existing gmail account to logon to our blogger.The following snapshot will give a clear idea!

  • Enter the required details and accept the terms and conditions by clicking the check box.Then,click the continue button!
  • Once you have done, you can see the dashboard of your account and will appear as below:

  • In the dashboard page, you can see the option “CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW”.Click it to start your blogging journey!
  • Once you clicked you can see the following page which asks you need to enter the BLOG title and BLOG ADDRESS(URL).

  • Be careful in choosing the blog address and blog title because it helps you to gather more traffic.Try, to choose a catchy name. So, that it will be easy to remember.URL will be http://(your choice name)
  • Once you have decided with your blog url and blog title then click next then you need to choose a template for your blog as show below:

  • Choose the template as per your wish and then click continue then you will get the conformation page as shown below then click the START BLOGGING option!

  • That’s is it now you are a blogger.The next page is given below and it request you to enter your post title and post contents.Once you are done click on the PUBLISH POST option.

  • When you click the PUBLISH POST option you can see your blog with the first post.I created a post called demo that is posted in the demo blog as shown below:

  • Tat is it,now you are a blogger.Try it out,if you find any difficulties feel free to contact me @ [email protected]




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