So,we will start our journey from today.I am happy to start our technical journey.One of the recent trends is Cloud Computing.Every techie aspirant will come across the word cloud computing.I would like to share my knowledge about the cloud.The first cloud service was provided by AMAZON called as AMAZON EC2(Elastic Cloud compute) we will see this briefly later.


I will start with the technical definition of CLOUD which can be seen in most of the search engines.

  • Cloud Computing is an Internet based computing where the shared servers provide resources to the client computers.The resources may be a hardware as well as a software depending upon the client needs.
Hope you can imagine what is cloud now.If you can’t don’t worry ! I ll tell you how we use cloud in our day to day life.
  • I hope all of us guys aware of GMAIL and most of us will have more than one e-mail account in that.
  • GMAIL is also a cloud computing service provided by the google.Inc
  • Don’t get suprised,i will explain why GMAIL is a cloud computing service.
Why GMAIL is a Cloud?
The following point will help us to understand that GMAIL is a cloud service,
  • We can access our G-mail inbox from any place in this world.This,means that Gmail can be accessed from anywhere even from any computer,any OS,any browser,and from any ISP.
  • How,is it possible?Cloud made it possible!Because in the case of a cloud the data(our mails) are stored in one of the servers of the cloud provider kept at the data warehouses.
  • Data warehouse is the house for lakhs and lakhs of servers kept at a same place.
  • So,in order to use the cloud all you need is to have an INTERNET connection and a WEB BROWSER.
Now i hope you will get the clear idea about cloud.If you are still confused take a look at the following definition which can be easily understandable.
  • In simple words,the cloud computing is one in which  the execution of a process will be taken place in the servers kept in the data warehouse of the cloud provider and the result of the execution will be displayed in the web browser of the client computer.


  • Cloud effectively reduces the hardware cost.Because it’s requirements are the web browser and a internet connection.
  • Will allow the client not to take care of the hardware maintence,os and software since it will be taken care by the cloud provider.
  • We need to pay only for what we are using.i.e PAY-AS PER-USE.
  • It is risky to share our data in the cloud provider server.Hence,data security is an issue.
  • Stuff’s like vendor lock-in,policy and terms also add to the disadvantages of cloud.
We will see more about the cloud in my next post.I want you to share you views about this post.


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