My effort in creating a guest blogging page @ our ANT2ANDROID has worked finally.We have received our first Guest article.Thanks to Er.Vimalanathan working @ Brahma e-solutions who is a young and passionate Entrepreneur.Clicking the picture will take you to his company website.

His article is about the failure of the IE6.

Title: Kill IE6 & save CSS3

As many of us are aware of, there is now a war against IE6 going on which a lot of websites have joined to help permanently eliminate IE6′s Market Shares. And even Microsoft themselves supports the war against IE6.

If we want to move the web forward, we need to encourage people to drop IE6 as soon as possible. As far as we are concerned, there are very few reasons to still be using it; either you work for a company that deploys software centrally and hasn’t upgraded yet, you’re a developer testing your code, or you don’t really know what a browser is and you’re unaware that other choices are available.

YouTube killed IE6 support on March 13, 2010.

Microsoft is trying to push users to upgrade by touting IE8′s many features over IE6, particularly in the area of security. So far, this has worked relatively well, as IE8 is the most popular browser, although IE6 is still used by about 38 percent of surfers worldwide, according to NetApplications.

A great article that tells why IE6 had been trashed out of the market in the past.The main reasons for the failure of IE6 is it contain many bugs particularly png (Portable Network Graphics) to be fixed.

So,this article helped us to understand the reason for the failure of IE6.


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