Difference b/w FOSS and Proprietary Software

If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want. “

Hai folks,in this article we are now going to see the difference b/w the FOSS and proprietary software and also the importance of FOSS in future.


Proprietary                                                                         Opensource

1.Owned by a company                                                     1.Not owned by anybody

2.Source code is not provided                                           2.Source code must be provided

3.user have restrictions                                                     3.user have no restrictions

4.cannot modify (or) copied                                               4.can be modified and copied

How the FOSS is developed?

  • Many users as co-developers.
  • Users share their pool of knowledge with the help of forums
  • Errors are kept visible to all the users.
  • Hence,results in quick and easy bug fixing.
  • Eg:Ubuntu OS that is being developed with the help of its many contributors all over the world.

FOSS Enabled Students:

The FOSS provides the following things to the students in the enterprise industry:

  • knows how to reuse,build,modify and integrate software based on the existing system.
  • knows how to remove the unwanted features that are not required for the customer and also can include modify the software as per the changes needed.
  • Hence,he will save money and provide competitive advantage to the company.

Advantages to Corporates:

  • Less investment towards software
  • no vendor-lock in problem
  • Reduce the hardware cost
  • can adapt the software as per the needs.

Some of the examples, for FOSS is given in the following picture:

We will see more about FOSS in my next post.





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