Downloading Videos From YouTube

Hai Folks,

After a long time,I am updating our found most of the people are finding difficult to download the videos from the youtube.So,I decided to do this post on downloading the videos from youtube.

To download,your favorite video from youtube do the following steps:

1.First,to download XILISOFT VIDEO DOWNLOADER do click here.

2.Install it,on your computer using the downloaded file.

3.Click the Xilisoft Icon on your desktop.You will get the window as shown below:

4.Use Xilisoft Browser,to locate to your required video in youtube as shown in the following snapshot.

5.Once,you are done in locating the required video.Click the Arrow button(pointing Downwards), in the Xilisoft Browser as shown below:

6.The video will be downloaded,in the desired target folder as shown in the ffollowing snapshot:

I hope,that this post is useful.If you have any queries feel free to contact me.




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