Installing Wamp Server in Your System

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Now a days,developing a web application is made so simple.Thanks to the open source tools available for it.In my future articles,we will see about the open source tools in detail.The basic requirement for many of the open source tools is WAMP Server.In this article,we will see how to install the wamp in our system.

What is WAMP?

WAMP is an acronym formed from the initials of the operating system Microsoft Windows  Apache, MySQL and one of PHP, Perl or Python.


Step 1:

Click here to download WAMP server.Remember WAMP will work only in Windows running machine.Download the WAMP as per your OS configuration(32 or 64 bit).


Step 2:

Click the EXE downloaded to install the wamp in your machine.Click the wamp icon to start running your wamp server..The W icon on the taskbar must be green in color else WAMP server will not work properly.The same is shown in the following picture:

Step 3:

To check the correctness of your installed wamp.Click on the W icon and choose local host on the evolved menu.The snapshot will give you a clear idea:

Step 4:

The resulting window should give some info about the current versions of the WAMP installed.(there should not be any error message).

The rest of the options available will be explained in my future post.Feel free to get me @ [email protected]






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