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Hello all,

I am very happy to say that,I am the Mozilla Campus Representative for my college Institute of Road and Transport Technology,Erode.My department planned to conduct Technical Symposium “Zinnia2K12” from March 5th to March 7th.As a part of it,we have also planned to conduct a Open source Software Exhibition on March 5th.Brochure’s are already sent to more that 130 colleges in and around Tamilnadu.

We are expecting delegates count from other colleges is about 200 persons.So,this is the fine opportunity for me to act as a Mozilla Campus Representative.Hence,I planned to hold a Mozilla Stall to explain about the following:



Hence,I will give all my efforts to help Mozilla to achieve it’s mission to some extent.As a Booth personnel,I will be explaining the above mentioned topics and distribute some goodies to the delegates.





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