Hackasaurus-Building a Generation of Web Makers

Hello all,

In this article,we are going to see about Hackasaurus,awesome tool from Mozilla that aims to build a generation of web makers.Hackasaurus makes it easy to mash up and change any webpage like a magic with in a browser.Hackasaurus makes it easy for the youth to understand the building blocks that makes the web.Thus,Hackasaurus convert the digital consumers into active producers,by showing web is something that can be shaped,remixed and made better…!Even a children of 14 years can shape his favorite website,in the way he want using Hackasaurus.

Using a Set of Easy Tools:

Hackasaurus tools makes it easy,even for kids to shape , remix and share on the web.One of the Awesome tool,X-Ray Goggles help us to shape , remix our popular websites and share their creations to their friends.

How to Start using Hackasaurus?

To start with Hackasaurus,follow the steps below:

Step 1:

First,enter into the Hackasaurus homepage using http://hackasaurus.org or click here. You will get a webpage as shown below,press Get started button to enter into the world of web magic…!

Step 2:

On the next page,we will get the 3 easy steps to make our first hack.If you want try it out,I am skipping those stuff and will let you know how to Install X-Ray Goggles on your browser,so that you can remix ,make and share your favorite web pages(Own Creations).

If you followed the steps for your first hack properly,you must see the webpage as shown on the following snapshot.

Installing X-Ray Goggles in your Browser


To install,the awesome X-Ray Goggles on your browser visit http://hackasaurus.org/en-US/goggles/install/ or click here. You will get a web page with a video,which guides on enabling the bookmark toolbar on your browser.


Once your bookmark toolbar added on your browser,just drag and drop the X-Ray Goggles button (available on the webpage) to your bookmarks toolbar.


Jump to your favorite webpages and simply click the X-Ray goggles option on your Bookmarks Toolbar.In my case I am jumping to Mozilla home page…!

This is how the Mozilla webpage looks like normally,

This is how,the page will look once we click on an element when X-Ray Goggles are activated.

This is how,we can remix a webpage(in our case itz Mozilla home page) using X-Ray Goggles.

To visit our remix site(Mozilla Community-Erode) click here.

That’s it for this article…!Happy Web Making…!