SOFT EXPO’12 @ IRTT Supported by Mozilla Communities

Hello all,

I am Gauthamraj,Mozilla Student rep at Institute of Road and Transport Technology,Erode.On march 2nd,I hosted a Soft Expo event which was supported by MOZILLA COMMUNITIES.

I am crazy on open source,with my efforts in the college many of my juniors developed their projects in open source using FIREFOX ADDON,Drupal,Joomla,php.

Our college principal Mr.Mayilsamy sir,inaugurated the function by cutting the ribbon and lighting the KuthuVillaku by 9.30 am on March 2nd.

Next,he had a look at the students projects,he is very much impressed and asked my HOD who initiated these ideas.My HOD introduced me to our principal and he congratulated me for my work.I was wearing a Firefox T-shirt,Badge and Lanyard,my principal asked me about firefox and the student rep program.

I explained him about mozilla mission and its various products as well as about Student rep program,he said I am also supporting firefox give me those goodies.I am very much happy on hearing this and gave the goodies to our sir.

Next,I took him to all the open source projects and explained about them.Sir very much impressed on the Mozilla Addon project developed by my team juniors.Finally,when he is leaving called me and said keep up the good work.

Next,I went to the reception to hold my Mozilla stall with my friends,students from various departments and colleges came to our function.

We explained them about OPEN WEB,Mozilla Student Rep programs and gave them some goodies.As I already know,there is no big exposure about Mozilla in my place,visitors are very much interested in hearing the things and ready to join our mission.All the participants of soft expo,awarded with firefox goodies.


Next,Judges announced the result of the soft expo Firefox Addon and Drupal projects secured two prizes out of three.Apart from the cash prizes given by the college,as a Mozilla Student Rep,I awarded the winner with a Mozilla T-shirt and made him as the next foss-club secretary (as my successor after my college days).

We ended the day with a belief that we gave a bright start to firefox in my place.

If you are,interested in becoming Mozilla Student Rep,click here to get the Signup form but you should be minimum 18 years of age.

I would like to share some pics of my[email protected]/sets/72157629496703199/





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