Setting Virtual Environment for Mozilla Addons Development

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In this article,we are going to see how to setup Developing Environment for Mozilla Addons Development.Actually,there are two ways by which we can create Mozilla Addons and they are,

  • Addon Builder
  • Addon SDK

The simplest way to develop,test,build addons (using common web technologies) for Firefox is by Addon Builder,which is an online builder.It requires Internet connection but it is very simple and nice to move with!To know more about Addon Builder please Click Here.

Addon Builder won’t workout for you,if you don’t have the Internet Connectivity.Letz see,how to build addons using ADDON SDK,just follow the steps below to setup the Development Environment.

Step 1:

Addon SDK requires python for its functionality,download python 2.7 here and download ADDON SDK here.

Step 2:

Install the Python in your computer and be clear about its Installation location.In the following snapshot,Python will be installed in D:/Python

Step 3:

Continue with the installation process,on its completion you will get a confirmation window as show below:

Step 4:

Next,copy the downloaded addon sdk in the python folder installed,in our case it will be D:/installed/python/addon

Step 4:

Next create a new folder on the same location,this is the place where our Addon will be…!In our case,the folder name is Wikipanel.

Step 5:

Next,locate to our python location in command prompt and change the directory to the copied addon folder.Next,change the directory to bin folder inside the folder addon and then type activate and press enter,you will have a window as shown below:

Step 6:

Next,locate to the New folder created on the python folder,there use the command cfx init and press enter,you will have a window as shown below:

Step 7:

Our addon codes will be in the folder lib as a java script file.To run our addon use the command cfx run,you need to use the command two will get a Firefox window with the addon installed will appear on the screen.

Step 8:

If you need help in developing addons,cfx docs will guide you…!This command will give a clear idea about addon development basics to in depth concepts.

Step 9:

Once you are done with addon development,change the directory to addon folder,then to bin folder and use the command deactivate to suspend the virtual development environment.


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