Changing the Firefox Address bar into a Search bar

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I was thinking for a long time, why there is a separate search bar on the top near the address bar in our Firefox. I accept the search bar allows us to choose the required search engine of our interest.But,most of us find it odd to enter our query in a separate box..! How it will be, If our address bar behaves as a search bar of a search engine of our choice?. It will be Awesome and Great Right..! Firefox makes our dream true, it’s simple and easy to make the address bar as a search bar in our lovable browser Firefox.


Above words are 100% true right? Now let’s see how to make our address bar into a search bar…!

Step 1:-

Enter about:config in your address in your lovable Firefox Browser.

Step 2:-

You will get a warning message that you are voiding the warranty , Ignore it and click i’ll be careful, I promise.

Step 3:-

You will get a list of configuration related stuffs,in the search box look for keyword.url

Step 4:-

Right click on the Keyword.url and modify the string value. String value decides your default search engine. In my case,its google…!

String value for some of the popular search engines are listed below,

  • Google:
  • Bing:
  • Yahoo:
  • Ask:
  • Wikipedia:


You can add your other search engine by just coping a part of the URL appearing after your query.For example:- I need to add as my search engine , I entered a query Gauthamraj on that search engine. I will get a response in the url . Now just ignore your query and copy the remaining string and paste it in Keyword.url . In our case it will be

Hope this will help at least few guys..! We can see more about Firefox in my upcoming articles.



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