Mozilla Kitchen Table Event with School Children

Hey all,

I am Gauthamraj ,ReMo from TamilNadu, India. As you all know that , we are getting ready for Mozilla Summer Campaign 2012 kicking off June 23rd. As a ReMo , we are supposed to beta test the Kitchen table event from may 7 2012 as per Michelle on our IRC (#remo channel) meeting few days back. I can’t hold my interest till may 7 , I tried the Kitchen table event with 4 children on April 28 in my home. We started at 6.00 pm and went on with web making till 7.30 pm , I started the event with an intro on few simple html tags and went on with hackasaurus tool kit ( including x-ray goggles on the bookmark toolbar ) with a live demo on using x-ray goggles and sharing their creation to their friends.

Attendees loved to use x-ray goggles and curious to know more..! A girl among the attendees named Simizh Nagai age of 15 , started to build her dreams on the web , she remixed the facebook login page ( looks simple , but really a good start) today , I wish to share the same with u all[1]. Next, planning to take web making to the school near by. Finally , Kitchen table event is an awesome idea to make a new generation of web makers(prediction might be early ).

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