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Hai all ,
I am thrilled to share my awesome experience of my mozparty in Anthiyur. Anthiyur is a small village in Erode District and it is also my native. I am lucky to have two days of Mozparty there , participants include both kids and adults.

On the first day (july-7) , I had 4 participants, all the four were school children. I started with a small intro about Firefox ( I just explained , what is browser and Firefox is one such browser ) . Next, I gave a demo on using X-ray goggles tool , kids were excited and desperate to try it out. Next , I gave a live demo on using Mozilla Thimble tool , it takes about 30 min before we had a small drink. Next , I let the kids to work the things practically and helped them in their web making.

Second day (july-8) , turned out to be an another wonderful day.The day started with 10 participants which include both kids and adults .As usual I started the things with a small intro on Mozilla and Mozparty.

Next , I demonstrated awesome web maker tools followed up with a drink to refresh our self. On resume , it was a practical session participants enjoyed fun hacking and web making. Most of adults are happy to help us in our l10n effort of making Aurora Tamil and gave me few tips to market it , once it is released. Event had spot out many Next Generation Web Makers and New members for Mozilla Community Erode.

Checkout , some nice hacks of the event:

8-7-2012 hacks:

For Fun Pics of my Mozparty on Flickr , click here :[email protected]/sets/72157630479647750/

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