Mozparty with demo on using “Firefox for Android” @ Univercell , Perundurai

Hey all ,

I am thrilled to share my experience of my mozparty event @ Univercell , Perundurai. It was  nice and hot evening of 22nd August 2012 at Perundurai.   I entered into the Univercell (Mobile Shop) by  3.00 Pm  , owner of the shop Mr.Kathirveal  welcomed me with a smile. I introduced myself to him and asked if he is happy to learn a bit of web making :)

As I expected his answer is “YES” also he want me to teach to his employees as well :) I accepted his request and started my session on the available features of “FireFox” also explained  how those features can help to improve his business :)

Next , I introduced Mozilla Web Maker tools with an intro on the web maker program :) I showcased how to play with x-ray goggles followed up with some awesomeness in Mozilla Thimble.I just showcased a bit about Thimble before  getting an idea of making the shop owner to design a Webpage for his shop using Thimble. I guided him with the necessary things to be done , he simply loves doing it and created a webpage for his shop. Take a look at that , hope you’ll love it :)

As I am hearing a lot about “Firefox for Android” on our mailing list , I would like to find a way which will take Firefox Android to the people in my region . This is actually the main reason why I choose mobile shop as my mozparty venue. I gave a demo on using “Firefox Sync option” using my mobile and shop’s computer . Everyone got amazed with this feature and asked some questions regarding it . I happily answered to their questions :)

Next, I requested them to install “Firefox for Android ” on all the Android Mobiles they sell . As , they are new to it I need to explain how to install Firefox on Android through apk file. Since, the process is simple and faster they’re happy to install Firefox on all the mobile phones they sell.

They are happy to give some Firefox swags to their Android customers. And , they’re happy to help me in my localization effort as well. Finally , we took some snaps and ended the event :)

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