Tamil Localization Sprint @ Boss Xerox , Perundurai

Hey People !

I am doing this post on our latest Tamil Localization Sprint held on September 9 , 2012 at Boss Xerox a shop in Perundurai ! First of all , I would like to thank Mr.Baskar who supports our Tamil l10n activities by not only offering his shop on Sundays and also helping in getting new contributors for Firefox by putting Firefox stickers all around his shop :-)

On the day , Mohan Kumar (Student rep from KSRCT) and I were first to reach the shop by 8.30 AM but the shop doors found to be locked. We gave a call to Mr. Baskar who was on the spot within 5 Min and made the required arrangements like Computers , Internet etc.., He was unable to join us as he got some other commitments outside ! When Mr.Baskar is ready to leave , we got our next l10n contributor Vivek ( Student rep from Vellalar ).I am not in need of giving an demo on how to localize the strings as my blog post tells them everything from A to Z :-) If you like to see my blog post click here !

Around ,9.30 AM we started our localization work on Narro ! I got a call from Vignesh ,who is eager to be a part of our l10n hence he came from coimbatore which is about 2hrs travel on road from the event venue. Vignesh actually call’d me to pick him up from the Bus Station as he don’t know the exact location of the Venue . I went and pick’d him up to the event venue :-) We four started doing our localization work before one more contributor Saravanan Joined us ! Basically , Saravanan is pretty much passionate about Tamil language hence he gave everything on the day to localize the strings :-)

When we  are localizing at perundurai we got company from Vellore over the internet :-) Mr.Jayakumar who is working in VIT as a Lecturer joined us and gave us an awesome support :-) We five localized till 12.00 PM before we had a break for some SODA’s :-)

When we decided to resume our Sprint Mohan Kumar and Vivek want to leave home as they had exams next day ! After both of them went , we four (includes Jayakumar )  resumed the sprint ! We localized many strings as we worked till 2.30 PM before we aree off to lunch. Actually , event was planned till 2.00 PM but we want to localize as much as possible :-)

As , Vignesh and Saravanan are happy to continue with the sprint we resumed by 3.00 PM . As we doing translations together it was easier and fun to work on :-) Sprint goes till 5.30 PM with some snacks in between . We ( includes everyone involved ) localized about more than 600 words on Narro during the day :-) That big count was possible only because we worked together hence we didn’t get bored !

Before we end the day , decided to have l10n sprint like this often apart from working from their place when ever possible :-)

Event Pictures here :- https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2354464518918.62456.1769367979&type=3&l=b898b27213