Some Ideas and Suggestions to webmaker 2013

Hello all ,

It’s been quite long since I blogged something it was due to fully packed series of  Mozilla events. Finally , I have some time to blog :-)   I really enjoyed teaching webmaking to all ages of people , especially kids.I will be making an another blog about my complete experience soon ! I am writing this post as my personal suggestion and ideas to the Webmaker project in the year 2013.

Event Format :

Well , my aim is to make each and everybody who uses the internet to know how the web works and how to create something amazing on the web. So , I approached many shops in my region that has a computer and internet as a important factors in their everyday business ! I usually visit those shops and introduce myself as a contributor to Firefox with a gift (nothing but our swags ). Adding to that, I will ask if they are interested in having a website for their shop that they themselves can create with less than 10 mins under my guidance. Answer will YES , no surprises ! I will use this opportunity to educate them about the various Mozilla products as contents of my demo page , adding to that I will also explain the features on our products that will be pretty much useful to their business. Like , Private browsing feature in case of Internet cafe .

After my event,I always request the participants to put our Mozilla banners in their shop with my Mozilla Erode contact Details.Hence, our Webmaker project plays a major role in getting new contributors to Mozilla :-)

I have named this event format as : “Learn  in 5 Mins Develop in 2 Mins”

My small idea to Student Reps program and Newbies (Interested in contributing) :

When ever some guy/girl comes to me with the intention of getting started in Mozilla , I always refer them to our Webmaker project and also help them to host their   first webmaker event as their kickoff activity. As you know , Student reps program is going to relaunch soon so we can utilize this chance and give the new student reps a webmaker event as a kickoff activity under the guidance of us (Webmaker group). Hence, we can take our project to the next generation :-)

Why not a set of people to mentor people of different ages ?

Webmaker program will further grow if we have form a group among different age groups to mentor newbie’s of the respective groups. Also , this makes the easiest and effective way of teaching. After each of my webmaker event with kids I strongly encourage them to host their event either with their friends or family. Hence , we are not only making “Next Generation of Webmaker” and also “Next Generation of Mentors”.

Not only offline , online can also do wonders !

From my experience I can it is not must to do offline events to teach people about webmaking instead we can mentor people online to teach them webmaking in such a way , they themselves don’t realize about their learning on webmaking. This can be achieved by giving people some simple questions or tasks to be answered or completed which are created using webmaker tools. For example , we can teach people regarding hyperlinks , copying and pasting , alignment and so on… in the form of a puzzle. I have created one for my mentee , have a look :

My next webmaker event :

    I am planning for funny webmaker in the near future. Here is my idea , I am in touch with a Internet Cafe for sometime now. It is actually located near three colleges . When the students are going home they are supposed to cross the Cafe , by that time I am going to ask them to come inside the netcafe to create their own website in two mins. Once they are done , they will get a Sticker :-) Interested people can send their contact details in a Thimble page. I feel this will be real fun but yet to experiment. Your thought on this ?




Mozilla Reps Mentor