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ANT2ANDROID is a technical blog for aspirants

My objective is not to serve as a reference site regarding the latest trends in technology instead I want this site to serve as a source of knowledge to young technical aspirants like me.I want to share what I learn with the aspirants like me  so that they can be aware of the recent trends in technology.Aspirants can feel free to post their views regarding my post.If you are one of those aspirants who loves to learn and share new stuff’s of technology….WELCOME>>>>


As I said earlier this is a blog for technical aspirants.Since,technology covers a wider area  it is hard to find a specific name.For example,Technology can be of a size of a ANT to huge machines but what is the latest buzz? ANDROID os that will soon rule the world.So,I decided to go with the name ANT2ANDROID.

Why to use ANT2ANDROID?

You may ask! The information here can be learnt with the help of the GOOGLE.Yeah that is true but you have to go through many links before you obtained what is required and you can’t be sure that you understand them clearly.Here I will post what I learnt hence it is easily understandable because I am one among you.

Here @ ANT2ANDROID my goal is to combine the idea’s of technical aspirants so that we can learn from each other.Hence we can learn a lot and save our time and not to get frustrated in searching the latest trends in the technology.


I am GAUTHAMRAJ doing my Final Year B.E(Computer Science Engg).I am a technical geek who want to do something different from others and want to achieve big.You can learn more about me as we move on!!!



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