Kitchen Table Event in Bangalore

Hi reps,

        Hope all are doing great.Last week I went to bangalore , there I got chance to beta test kitchen table event for the second time. I had the event with three children in my cousin home, I started with  small intro on Mozilla , followed by hackasaurus and finally to We used Miniclip website for hackasaurus tool kit. Guy named Adithyan responded well , he made three hacks along with his two other friends [1][2][3]. Important thing is , Adithyan started taking web making to his friends too…!

Kitchen table event works so cool with children , yet to try it with adults , will do it in a week.Also, I am planning to take Web-making to schools , colleges , computer centers in the next months. I am proud to be a part of making the “Next Generation of Web Makers“.

[1] –
[2] –
[3] –



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