Using Mozilla Thimble Offline

Hello All ,

I hope this post finds you all well :-) I am making this post on “How to” install/use one of the Mozilla’s awesome webmaker tool – Thimble in offline (i.e working on Thimble without internet).

Using Thimble in offline involves few and very simple steps .

First step is to clone the thimble github repo , if you are not familiar with github not to worry I have uploaded those source files to my google drive . So , you can download it here. To download , click File on the top left and then click Download.

Next , you should have an Apache server installed on your system.It is better to get WAMP (if you are a Windows user) or LAMP (if you are a Linux user).After installing the server , run it.

Usually you can find the server icon on the task bar at the bottom in windows. When you click on the server icon it will give a popup in which you can find the www directory.Click it !

Note: If you are not familiar with WAMP , you can refer my blog post on using WAMP here.

Inside the www directory folder , copy the downloaded zip file and unzip it. Next , click on the server icon again to choose localhost in the popup ! Your default browser will open ( I know it will be #Firefox) which will display the directory which you have just copied into www directory.

When you click on that directory it will give you a list of sub-directories in which you need to click on the directory named “Examples”.

Inside the Examples directory , you need to click on the file named “Bare.html”.

That’s it ! You will see the magic of Thimble working super cool without internet connection :-)

So , now we can teach #webmaking to the people/kids who live in places , where there is no or good internet connectivity.

I hope this post is useful for you ! Try out the steps , if you got stuck some where feel free to e-mail or tweet me with the below details :)

Update : Publish option doesn’t work if there is no internet connectivity ! But, it is no barrier to start introducing webmaking to people :-)

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