Fire”bug”- “Treat” for Web developers

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Hope all  are doing great. I am happy to post about Mozilla’s awesome tool “FIRE BUG ” . This article tells us the experience of  Mr. Vimalanathan (web developer in Bhrama e-Solutions ) on using Firebug.I approached him to get feedback on our Mozilla Products as his company mainly deals with web development , that time I told him about the Mozilla’s project NeMo and he is happy to do an article on his favorite web development tool FIREBUG . I guess you all will love reading it :)

Article :

Firebug from Firefox has been considered as the definitive tool for web developers and web building experts. We are offered with tons and tons of web development tools, especially CSS modification within the browser without changing the code in real-time. You can start exploring the tool right now!

Using Firebug you can walk around, edit, debug, and observe CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in real-time on any web page. Firebug acts like an HTML cum CSS inspector for quick web development simulation.  This add-on has started saving hours of hectic times and we can start analyzing each HTML division separately leaving almost all codes tracked.  Also Firebug offers additional Web development tools to debug and edit DOM & Javascripts. Editing can be done instantly and any changes to a website from a developer working on it from another computer appear in real-time, highlighted in yellow.  The update in HTML code reflects instantly with no time.

Tough it’s in beta, it offers excellent features and time-savers for debugging code. Next it provides a great ability to tweak CSS. Firebug most likely allows the web developer to spot problems and get them fixed in a live environment, right from the browser window. The features of Firebug do so much to support; it’s definitely an essential for every web developer.

At the same instance if you have a component selected, for example a div called “content-main”, you see the corresponding css for that element right to the right of the source window. An optimum way of viewing and editing code and css simultaneously. Firebug shows you a visual sign of the element you may be hovering over, based on css. It also contains a script inspector, which is extremely useful in debugging problems with Javascript code. There is also the usual DOM inspector.

Finally few kilobytes do saves more time of a web developer.

Firebug – not a bug, obviously!

Author : Vimalanathan Palanisamy, Web developer at Brahma e-Solutions, Erode.




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